Winter in Crete

Or just winter in Greece has really turned into a freezing cold thing. What happened to the days i remember wearing just a short sleeved t-shirt in January? Not this year.

The last two days we had temperatures in my village all the way to just 1 degree Celcius Today it’s a bit warmer; 5 degrees. But the sun is out now which helps a bit.

Snow on the lemon- and orangetrees in Crete, January 2022

This is really not normal. We are used to having snow in Crete every winter But up in the mountains. For instance it’s a very popular daytrip during winter time to go to Omalos (at about 1200 m above sea level) and play in the snow. But now it’s down at 300 – 400 meters above sea level. And so much of it.

Greece has declared it a National Holiday, so schools are closed and we are informed not to drive in certain areas after 17.00.

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