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So this is my new blog. And this time in English.


Why? Because I travelled around the world and met so many wonderful people. Most of them do not understand Danish. So in order to let everybody join me on my journeys; From now on it will all be in English. I promise!


For any new-comers, here’s a bit about me. I was made in Greenland and born and raised in the Kingdom of Denmark. Well, in these modern times, maybe we should call it the Queendom of Denmark, since the monarch of Denmark has been a woman, a queen, since 1972. Queen Margrethe 2nd  of Denmark.


Around the globe I always hear the same: “You’re from Denmark! Is it true that you are the happiest country in the world?” I always feel a bit weird when I hear that. On a little site-note, I did read some article not long ago that we were no longer no. 1 on the list. I don’t remember exactly, but I think Norway is now the happiest country in the world.

But the reason it makes me feel a bit weird, is that I never concidered the Danes more or less happy than other nationalities. I don’t know or understand what criterias they use to make that list.

Don’t get me wrong! I love my country. I love that it gives me a strong nationality with a passport so strong that I can travel to almost every country around the world. I love the democracy that gives us free speech and also gives us the freedom to live the way that makes us happy. I am proud to be of the nation that first allowed gay-marriage. And much more.

But, and there’s always abut… I´m not at all proud of the intolerance growing in my country at the moment. I  don’t like the way the politicians are splitting our society. I don’t like that more and more children are suffering from stress. Just as there are many things I like, there’s also many things I don’t like.


One of the things I never really liked about Denmark were the cold, dark, grey and damp winters. Also a reason for my many travels.

But I doesn’t mean I only travel to tropical climates. No, real winters (it’s really not real winter in Denmark that often) is amazing and so beautiful. Winter in Denmark is most of the times very wet with quite a lot of rain. Well, let’s be honest; it rains a lot all year in Denmark. But also in the winter the days are so short. It gets dark so early in the day and a lot of people suffers from winterdepressions.

That’s for me good reason to travel!

But I must admit it’s so amazing to experience so many different cultures, to meet so many happy people all over the world. And that is perhaps my biggest reason to travel!


I’ve been travelling proffesionally for more than 15 years now. And I’ve loved every second of it. As a kid I didn’t really feel the urge to pack a suitcase, go on an airplane and travel to another country. But I think it in a way had to do with the way my family was travelling. I am definitely more of a backpacker then a charter-tourist. So a bit funny that part of my proffesional travelling has been as an employee in the charter-industry. Many of my favorite destinations has been charterdestinations. But there’s a huge difference between being there as a tourist or to be there to work.


On this blog I will write about many of my favorite destinations. I’ll post pictures, so you can actually see what I am writing about.  You can also see a lot of my photos on my instagram. There’s a link on the bottom of this page. You are more than welcome to follow my account there.

I’ll write about some of my past destinations, but I’ll also write the places I visit in real time. For instance one of the more peculiar  countries I’ve travelled in is China. But i don’t think I’ll return there any time soon. So what a shame not to write about this fascinating country. There’s so many interesting stories from The Middle Kingdom (that’s the name for China in Chinese) so of course I’ll also write some of those.


At the moment I am in Greece. In the beautiful island of Crete. I’m staying here this winter to improve my greek language and to rest a bit and just to enjoy myself. Although I will not be here ALL winter. I have been hired to guide to tours in colourful Sri Lanka for a Danish travelagency in January and February of next year.

So the next few weeks I’ll tell you more about the biggest island of Greece. But since I am also getting ready and updating my knowledge about Sri Lanka, I’ll for sure write a bit about this intriguing country.

I’m really looking forward to return to Land of the Lions. The biggest population of Sri Lanka are called Singalese which means Lion-people. I didn’t think that I would be going there without spending a lot of money on airline-tickets, since it’s many hours of flight and quite costly. It is though one of the cheapest countries to live in of many of those I’ve travelled to. So when the opportunity to go back as part of my work I was a very happy tour-guide and quickly accepted the assignement.

I do however have a lot of catching up to do on my local knowledge, since it’s been a while since I was last working as a guide in Sri Lanka.


But I do hope you’ll follow my adventures, new and old, here. And if you have any questions about any of the countries I write about, don’t hesitate to ask. You’ll find the contactinformation up in the corner.


Besides China, Sri Lanka and Greece, I have lived in Thailand, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Turkey, Spain, Greece and more.


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