Time Flies

waaaaay too fast. And I haven’t really found the time to post anything. But a lot has happened.

A promotion at work that also earned me a trip to the amazing city of Maastricht in Holland. I’ll definitely write about Maastricht in a later post. Loved the city!

In December an advertisement for a long term rental on a house caught my eye. And on 24th December I went to see the place. And I ended up giving myself the best Christmas present EVER. I said yes to the house. So in the end of January I moved to my little paradise.

I now have a cat. His name’s Ferdinand and is a cat from the Cat Colony where I have been helping out this winter. The Cat Colony is a gang of street-cats and dumped unwanted kittens. We try to keep them safe and with help from donations there’s a group called Noah’s Little Ark that tries to neuter as many of them as possible.

Ferdinand <3

I’m really happy with the move. I have a big garden, a nice view etc, so in these Corona-times it’s nice (and essential) to have a home where you feel happy.

Here in Greece we are on lockdown. The Greek authorities are handling it very well. But I’ll put more about that in a separate post.

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