The Pink House

Here’s the little pink house I moved into in January this year

As I wrote a little while back i moved into my own little house back in January. Well, little is relative. It’s 100 m2. So some might think it’s big. So did I. In the beginning. Now it’s just perfect for me and the cat.

Early morning on the Vest terrace

The house is surrounded by the Cretan nature. In my opinion it’s a small paradise on Earth.

The garden is not a garden in the classical sense. It’s more like a small jungle of fruit trees. A LOT of orange trees, some mandarin trees, lemon trees. There’s a few grapefruit trees. There’s some beautiful avocado trees, 3 fig trees and a peach tree. And of course there’s also pomegranate- and olive trees.

The house is situated so beautifully just outside the small village of Manoliopoulos. It’s about 10 minutes drive from the busy tourist resort of Platanias. So even though there’s no shops or mini markets in my village, everything is still close by.

It’s a wonderful place to live. I am so happy I moved here before all the problems of Covid19 started. At least during our lockdown I had a nice play to stay. Beautiful view and my own piece of nature for walks.

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