The Greek Alphabet

I’ve been in Greece on/ off for many years and I really wish my Greek language was better. I have to practice more. Most people without knowledge of Greek think the letters are the most difficult part of the language. That’s not so for me. It’s the grammar giving me a headache.

I do understand most of what I hear (or read ) in Greek, but I need a better vocabulary in order to make my own sentences. And also not to be so scared of making mistakes when it comes to the grammar.


The Greek alphabet, which is still used today, was developed in classical times (around the 9th century). The alphabet is not only used in Greece, but is used throughout the world for different purposes: mathematical symbols, starsigns etc…
The very word alphabet comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet; Alpha and Beta (Vita).

It is believed that the Greek alphabet was first used by North African tribes, who then brought it with them to the Greek islands. The source of the alphabet is somewhat uncertain, but many believe that it is a branch of a former Semitic alphabet.

In ancient times, the Greeks only wrote in capital letters, ie block letters. The smaller ruffles that then became the “lowercase” letters  later became common in the Middle Ages.

In fact, reading the Greek letters is not that difficult. Well of course you have to know how they are pronounced, but then it is not that bad. Because there is nothing with blunt or soft letters. It is always pronounced in the same way: A = a. B = v. Γ = ra. Δ = d. Ε = e. Ζ = ce. Η = i. Θ = th. Ι = i. Κ = k. Λ = l. Μ = m. Ν = n. Ξ = ks. Ο = O. Π = p. Ρ = r. Σ p =. Τ = t. Υ = i. Φ = fi. Χ = ch. Ψ = ps. Ω = O.

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