Today I have a day off and I had decided to have a good sleep. No alarm clock to wake me up. It was something I really needed after some very early mornings at work.  So when my bed shook at 07:39 this morning I didn’t do much. Just a quick thought in my head, “oh, another earthquake…” and then went back to sleep.


Now I see on the news that it was the biggest earthquake in Crete for some years. Some reports say  4,7, others 5,3, on the Richter-scale.


Earthquakes is something you have to get used to if you want to live in Crete. Well, if you want to live in Greece. It happens often. Most are so small, that people don’t even notice them.


My first earthquake in Greece was many years ago on the island of Lesvos. It was also my first earthquake ever. I actually thought before it happened, it would be something that would scare me. But I hardly knew what it was the first time. Now I have experienced earthquakes more than a 100 times. And not only in Greece. But all over the world.  Even a few times when I have been back in Denmark.

They don’t really scare me. It’s not what you see in Hollywood-movies. It’s not only the shaking of the ground. Sometimes it’s just a feeling you get. Or a sound you hear. Also why most people who experience it for the first time, doesn’t realize it’s an earthquake.

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